Monday, July 31, 2006

Coming Up for Air

Well, I am still drowning, but I'm taking a day or two off.

Work has been moving ahead at a million miles per minute.

I had a wonderful time in Washington D.C. over the weekend. It was nice to see old friends.

I'm looking forward to all the wedding-related stuff I intend to get done this week.

I did make an acquisition this week, via a gift from a friend (you know who you are):
1. Stephen Lubet, Lawyer's Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players (Oxford University Press, 2006). It looks like a fun book written by a law professor at North Western University. He also wrote a trial advocacy manual, that I believe I read while in law school. This one looks entertaining. I hope it's pithy.

Here's a cliff hanger: Come this fall I may have big non-wedding related news. :)