Monday, May 30, 2005

Clay Pigeons

So, my fiance and I went shooting today with some P.O's, a prosecutor, defense attorneys, and a military intelligence guy. We had a blast. My fiance did quite well with the clay pigeons. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day.

Anyhow, I haven't finished The Trial of Henry Kissinger or A Thread of Grace, but I hope to finish both within this week. I'll also post my response to Joe tomorrow.


cube said...

If you don't mind telling, what type of rifle did you shoot?

Voracious Reader said...

Ooh sorry. I believe we were actually shooting shotguns. I can't recall the exact model, but I made sure it was one without too much recoil--so fairly low gauge, but my shoulder was still a little sore. I stayed away from the break action one and stuck with the automatic loading one.