Friday, July 22, 2005

Ergh! I Hate Tattling!

I have to admit that there are very few books on this good green earth that I can't compel myself to finish once I've picked them up, but Terry C. Barber's Unlock the Prison Doors (Advantage Inspirational, 2005) is one of them.

The author's sentiment, while laudable, doesn't make up for the fact that the book is in DIRE need of an editor. It's chalk full of pacing issues, misorganization, and tons of grammatical and mechanical issues. I couldn't get past page 30.

The sad thing is, that I suspect the author is probably a good orator--that doesn't, however, make him a good writer. It would be worth his while to invest in some editing and copyediting, as the books disorganization, choppiness, and other style issues distract from what might be noteworthy content. I just wasn't willing to take the time to find out because I had to work too hard to sludge through the first 30 pages.

Maybe I'll try again, but this one's for the birds if you ask me.

If you are interested in being a reviewer, please contact Mind & Media and/or Blogcritics. Mind and Media and Advantage publishers were kind enough to provide me with a free copy of this book in order to write a review about it.


cube said...

Wow, you haven't blogged in a while!

Voracious Reader said...

I know, I know. Beat me with a wet noodle. :). My job has made it difficult to read much more than a street sign.

Damn criminals. I'm getting pretty good at making clients cry. Just kidding--well, sort of.

I am trying to read a book--namely, Sophie's World--that I tried to read when I was a teen. I'm not connecting with it though.

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Voracious Reader said...

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Hawk your zit-giving wares somewhere else.