Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who's Watching You Kid

Just for kicks I thought I'd check in on who's reading my blog and how long they stay etc. It was nice to find that, at the very least, my friends check in with some frequency, but I was shocked to learn that random people end up here based on some interesting internet searches.

Most vexing: type "penus" into a search engine, and my site's listed. I wondered, "Why?", and realized that it's those damned spammers who put HTML code in their comments. So, I started checking the other internet searches that lead people here and realized that many arrive here while searching for cliffs notes or free essays.

I'm tempted to write reviews like, isn't terrible when Jane Eyre dies at boarding school (see, I suspect that people who pillage blogs for plot, theme, and mood info on great books, probaby didn't read much more than the book's jacket)--why name an entire book after a character who dies in the first few chapters?, or Troy's victory was long and hard fought in the Iliad, or it's so wonderful when Dante finally makes love to Beatrice in the final stanzas of the Paradiso.

I'd like to see the reception those comments would receive from a TA.

On the other hand, it pleasures me to know that someone might think that what I have to say is interesting enough to plagiarize and pillage for their own use.


Larissa said...

You can see who's visited your blog and for how long? Dude, that's creepy.
How can I do it too?

cube said...

I never did understand people who couldn't be bothered to read a book for an assignment & then expend a tremendous amount of energy to plagiarize another's work. It would've been easier & more pleasurable to read the book.
Go figure.

BTW, I'm with larissa. How do you ID who's been to your blog.

Voracious Reader said...

You too can add the big brother component to your own pages.

At the bottom of my page is a counter. If you click on it you can see who has visited, where they are from (physically), how long they stayed, how they arrived on my page etc.

You can add that counter, or one of the myriad of others available from that same website to your site template.