Sunday, June 29, 2008

Short Post

While catching up on work and spending time with friends and family over the last few days, I've finished a Tom Robbins book and am in the process of finishing a Penelope Fitzgerald book. Posts about them shall follow later this week. I wish we had something other than Barnes and Noble in town--maybe a Borders. I truly miss the Tattered Cover (Denver). This next weekend we'll try to do some second-hand book shopping or make it to the Green Valley Book Fair. Nonetheless, here are some of our newest acquisitions from the Barnes:

  • John Williams, Augustus (First Vintage, 2004). Who doesn't miss the HBO series' Rome.

  • Tom Robbins, Wild Ducks Flying Backward (Random House, Inc., 2005). I think I liked Jitterbug Perfume, probably. I am, at the very least, interested.

  • Patricia Hampl, Blue Arabesque: A Search for the Sublime (Harcourt Books, 2006). I'm not fond of art books without pictures. Yes, I know how that sounds. Would you find reading a cookbook without ever trying its recipes fulfilling? This one looks very interesting though, so we'll give it a try.

  • Angela Rixon, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds (Wellfleet Press, 2008). This one was a gift from my Mom. It probably doesn't have much new information in it compared with books on cats that we already possess, but it has some good skeletal drawings and pictures that should help with the Life with Cats series that my husband is working on.
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